Pronunciation and Phonetics

Learning proper pronunciation can be done without much knowledge of phonetics, actually. A basic knowledge, however, helps to make pronunciation clearer and thus facilitates the process of learning how to speak a foreign language properly.

eAmbalam introduces a phonetic chart which is based on Dhevanagari script. The sounds of vowels and consonants and other speech sounds in Sanskrit and the languages which have completely or mostly borrowed from it can be covered with the help of the chart. A few other sounds common to some languages in this group and outside are also put in. Unique sounds of some languages are specified too.

Diacritical marks are used to aid perfect pronunciation. World over, these marks have been created and propagated by scholars to make understanding of the differences in speech sounds in different languages better. Team eAmbalam also has created a phonetic chart which helps even first timers to pronounce words accurately.

Our Phonetic chart is unique, comprehensive, learner friendly and is divided into four columns wherein:
  • In the first column, the letter is written with the associated diacritical mark.
  • In the second column, an example is given in Dhevanagari language containing the letter.
  • In the third column, an example is given in English, which contains the sound closes to the letter or instructions in few cases, to facilitate better understanding.
  • In the fourth column, an audio button is placed with the help of which you can hear the actual pronunciation of the letter.
An open minded approach with the above introduction and guidelines will definitely enable the user to understand the speech sounds of any language and pronounce it like a native, which is eAmbalam’s aim in this exercise.

Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English
A or a Aḍavu Arise
Ā or ā Ānanda Vast
I or i Indhira Sing
Ī or ī Īśha Meal
U or u U ṣhā Good
Ū or ū Ū rdhhva Boost
R or r Riṣh i Try
Ṛ or ṛ Ni ṛ uti Grr!
Lr or lr   Pronounce L and R together.
E or e Eka Ate
AI or ai Aikya Sight
O or o Ojas Robe
AU or au Audh ā rya Now
A M or am Śhiva m Drum
A HA or aha R ā ma ha Aha!
Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English

Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English
KA or ka Kavi Car
KHA or kha Khalu Mark -Him
GA or ga Gamana Gut
GHA or gha Ghata Ugh!
Ṅ A or ṅa Tura ṅ ga Ring
CHA or ca Chakra Chart
CHHA or cha Chhandas Branch
JA or ja Jagath Jug
JHA or jha Jhallari Fudge
NYA or nya Gnyana Knew
Ṭ A or ṭ Ṭ anka Top
ṬHA or ṭha Pāṭha Pothole
ḌA or da Ḍ amaruka Dog
Ḍ HA or ḍ ha Mūḍ ha Madhouse
Ṇ A or ṇ a Ga ṇ a Wander
THA or tha Thanu Health
THHA or thha Athha Theater
DHA or dha Dha śha This
DHHA or dhha Dhhana m Dha with an additional H sound
NA or na Namask ā raha Nut
PA or pa   Path ā ka Past
PHA or pha Phala m P with a H sound
BA or ba Bandhhu Ball
BHA or bha Bhadra Abhor
MA or ma Manas Money
YA or ya Yama Yummy
RA or ra Rajas Rub
LA or la Lath ā Lust
VA or WA, va /wa A śh va or A śhwa Water/Valour
ŚHA or śha Śhakthi Shutter
ṢHA or ṣ ha Ṣh a ṇ mukha Shunt
SA or sa Sarasvatī Sun
HA or ha Hari Hum
Ḷ A or ḷ a Ar āḷ a Bold
KṢHA or k ṣ ha Ak ṣh i Try to pronounce Ka, Sa & Ha – all at one time.
Extra Vowels in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam Scripts    
É or é Éṇi Angel
Ō or ō Ō m Ō M
ZHA Exclusive to Tamil & Malayalam Fold the tip of your tongue backwards and try to pronounce it with the aid of the audio button.
Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English


Diseases and cure through Acupuncture

Human body has the potential to self-sustain. The body can rectify even the smallest problems caused by atmospheric changes like climatic reasons even before we know it. Violating natural laws is the beginning of disease. Hungry but not taking food, taking food when there is no hunger, eating more than required, working when you need rest, unhealthy food habits etc are against natural laws. In addition to this smoking, alcohol and other bad habits increase disease. All these cause stagnated waste in the internal organs. By nature, the stagnated wastes come out. We should help this process in the body condition. Instead, if we indulge against nature, the stagnated waste develops and spoils the function of organ pertaining to it. Further, due to unhealthy foods and habits, disease developed will damage the internal organs.

Some Diseases and their treatment:-

  • Psychosomatic disorders:-

We cannot relate mental diseases only to the brain. The brain reflects the imbalance in the exertion of the internal organs.

Say, a person with heavy appetite hears distressing news. His desire to eat diminishes immediately. Stomach loses its function when the rest of the organs like heart, lungs and kidneys are still working well. i.e., mental difficulties like grief and worry are related to the disorders of the stomach.

In the same manner, anxiety brings heaviness in the chest. Sobbing brings shortness of breath. Sobbing increased by anxiety causes problem to the lungs. Children with fear discharge urine. Under-activity of the kidneys relates to fear. Alcohol damages the liver. A drunkard gets anger easily. The liver’s under-activity relates to anger.

Analyzing the behavioral changes identifies the disease center. By balancing the energy of the particular organ and restoring its function, the mental behavior is corrected. Hence, we do not relate mental diseases to brain.

  • Hereditary diseases:-

Kidneys play an important role in development and growth of the genital organs and the offspring. The activity against the mother’s nature during pregnancy reduces the energy of the kidneys. Chemical drugs, unnatural foods taken during pregnancy further damage the kidneys.

During this stage, the foetus grows with weak organs. The under-activity of these organs in later stage transforms into hereditary diseases. Acupuncture treatment for problems during pregnancy, removes hereditary diseases as well as paves the way for normal and pleasurable childbirth.

  • Blood Pressure:-

We can cure BP easily as it is not at all a disease. Blood flow increases to restore damage/deficiency in any organ. It is impossible without increased heart rate and BP.

High blood pressure should indicate that there is damage in some organ. Pulse Diagnosis can easily identify that organ. By balancing its necessary energy, high blood pressure is reduced, thereby normal heart rate and BP are restored.

E.g. legs, hands and face swells for problems in the kidneys. Now Then, blood pressure develops. When gas problem increases in stomach, BP also increases. BP increases when the liver gets damaged due to alcohol.

  • Diabetes:-

Diabetes means that less insulin is secreted by the pancreas. This is the cause for Diabetes. The end-product - glucose, gained by our unhealthy food habits and under-activity of digestive organs is poor in quality. We know that in cholesterol there is high density (good) and low density (bad).We have the same in glucose too.

The quality of glucose we get by digestion determines the secretion of insulin. The insulin secretion reduces by half when the quality of glucose gets half by digestion. Insulin secretion goes on reducing when the quality of glucose gets poorer and poor. The kidneys remove the poor quality glucose as urine from the blood stream. The poorer the glucose more the urine discharge.

Heavy appetite and reduction in body weight happens. Urine discharges the poor quality glucose. Artificially, when drugs and medicines stop this poor quality glucose in the body the liver followed by the kidneys collapse gradually. The human immune system will not accept or tolerate any foreign DNA or proteins like insulin drugs which are drugs to trick, suppress or control it longtime.

The basic reason for Diabetes is the increase in poor quality glucose available in the blood. Acupuncture treatment controls and balances the digestion (energy restored by in the under-acting digestive organs) by fully discharging poor quality glucose as urine. The body then gets good quality glucose. Health regains as insulin secretion increases naturally.


Symptoms of disease occur in an organ. The symptoms increase alarmingly and the organ gradually gets damaged, as there is lack of knowledge about the disease. The testing equipment (scan, etc.,) and investigation reports show pictures of the damaged part only in this condition. Now Then, by surgery they simply remove the affected part from the body.

For example, Appendicitis is a common problem. It does not occur suddenly. For many years acute pain in the lower abdomen comes and goes is present on and off. When drugs maximize this, they do emergency operation. Even in the case of the uterus, they promptly remove the uterus after prolonged treatment. The uterus problems of women are neither understood nor rectified!

Benefits of Acupuncture:-

In Acupuncture we can cure any prolonged illness by regulating our energy cycle.

Patients who seek acupuncture are mainly those who suffer from long standing chronic problems such as back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, arthritis, cancer, neurological disorders, anxiety, and depression. These problems strike women more than men, which could certainly explain why currently more women are using acupuncture than men.

Conventional healthcare providers are beginning to view acupuncture as an effective complementary modality to conventional care, and its use is being recommended more and more. Acupuncture is also gaining a reputation for efficacy and as an attractive drug- and surgery-free option for many patients. An extensive review of studies has shown that acupuncture is effective.


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