Pronunciation and Phonetics

Learning proper pronunciation can be done without much knowledge of phonetics, actually. A basic knowledge, however, helps to make pronunciation clearer and thus facilitates the process of learning how to speak a foreign language properly.

eAmbalam introduces a phonetic chart which is based on Dhevanagari script. The sounds of vowels and consonants and other speech sounds in Sanskrit and the languages which have completely or mostly borrowed from it can be covered with the help of the chart. A few other sounds common to some languages in this group and outside are also put in. Unique sounds of some languages are specified too.

Diacritical marks are used to aid perfect pronunciation. World over, these marks have been created and propagated by scholars to make understanding of the differences in speech sounds in different languages better. Team eAmbalam also has created a phonetic chart which helps even first timers to pronounce words accurately.

Our Phonetic chart is unique, comprehensive, learner friendly and is divided into four columns wherein:
  • In the first column, the letter is written with the associated diacritical mark.
  • In the second column, an example is given in Dhevanagari language containing the letter.
  • In the third column, an example is given in English, which contains the sound closes to the letter or instructions in few cases, to facilitate better understanding.
  • In the fourth column, an audio button is placed with the help of which you can hear the actual pronunciation of the letter.
An open minded approach with the above introduction and guidelines will definitely enable the user to understand the speech sounds of any language and pronounce it like a native, which is eAmbalam’s aim in this exercise.

Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English
A or a Aḍavu Arise
Ā or ā Ānanda Vast
I or i Indhira Sing
Ī or ī Īśha Meal
U or u U ṣhā Good
Ū or ū Ū rdhhva Boost
R or r Riṣh i Try
Ṛ or ṛ Ni ṛ uti Grr!
Lr or lr   Pronounce L and R together.
E or e Eka Ate
AI or ai Aikya Sight
O or o Ojas Robe
AU or au Audh ā rya Now
A M or am Śhiva m Drum
A HA or aha R ā ma ha Aha!
Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English

Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English
KA or ka Kavi Car
KHA or kha Khalu Mark -Him
GA or ga Gamana Gut
GHA or gha Ghata Ugh!
Ṅ A or ṅa Tura ṅ ga Ring
CHA or ca Chakra Chart
CHHA or cha Chhandas Branch
JA or ja Jagath Jug
JHA or jha Jhallari Fudge
NYA or nya Gnyana Knew
Ṭ A or ṭ Ṭ anka Top
ṬHA or ṭha Pāṭha Pothole
ḌA or da Ḍ amaruka Dog
Ḍ HA or ḍ ha Mūḍ ha Madhouse
Ṇ A or ṇ a Ga ṇ a Wander
THA or tha Thanu Health
THHA or thha Athha Theater
DHA or dha Dha śha This
DHHA or dhha Dhhana m Dha with an additional H sound
NA or na Namask ā raha Nut
PA or pa   Path ā ka Past
PHA or pha Phala m P with a H sound
BA or ba Bandhhu Ball
BHA or bha Bhadra Abhor
MA or ma Manas Money
YA or ya Yama Yummy
RA or ra Rajas Rub
LA or la Lath ā Lust
VA or WA, va /wa A śh va or A śhwa Water/Valour
ŚHA or śha Śhakthi Shutter
ṢHA or ṣ ha Ṣh a ṇ mukha Shunt
SA or sa Sarasvatī Sun
HA or ha Hari Hum
Ḷ A or ḷ a Ar āḷ a Bold
KṢHA or k ṣ ha Ak ṣh i Try to pronounce Ka, Sa & Ha – all at one time.
Extra Vowels in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam Scripts    
É or é Éṇi Angel
Ō or ō Ō m Ō M
ZHA Exclusive to Tamil & Malayalam Fold the tip of your tongue backwards and try to pronounce it with the aid of the audio button.
Syllable Usage in Sanskrit Usage in English

Hidden Truth

Not only has the Indian government but also the World Health Organization too has declared this. Treatment should not be given to any disease when the root cause of the disease is not known.

With this basic idea, the following act has been passed by the Govt. of India and is valid till date. This is one of the hidden truths kept away from the public.

The act:

“Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, Drugs and Cosmetics Rule 1945, and Drug prices control order 1995, in its Schedule – J warns the medical practitioners thus; Here is a list of 51 Diseases and ailments (by whatever name described) which a drug may not purport to prevent or cure or make claims to prevent or cure.”

Schedule – J  

  1. Aids
  2. Chest Pain
  3. Appendicitis
  4. Block in Heart vessels
  5. Baldness
  6. Blindness
  7. Asthma
  8. Cysts to Cancer tumors in body
  9. Cataract
  10. Hair growth and grey hair removal
  11. Changing the foetus to male or female
  12. Congenital maladies
  13. Deafness
  14. Diabetes
  15. All diseases related to uterus
  16. Epilepsy and all mental diseases
  17. Brain Fever
  18. Changing the black skin to fair colour
  19. Development of breast
  20. Gangrene
  21. DNA related diseases
  22. Glaucoma eye disease
  23. Thyroid
  24. Hernia
  25. Hypo and hyper blood pressure
  26. Hydrocele
  27. Madness
  28. Absent-mindedness and improving it
  29. To raise the height of children
  30. Common eye diseases long sight, short sight
  31. Prolong the size and stamina of penis
  32. Treatment for protecting the teeth by calcium drugs
  33. Yellow fever, hepatitis and all diseases related to liver
  34. Blood cancer
  35. Leucoderma
  36. Increasing stamina while intercourse
  37. Less brain development
  38. Heart attack
  39. Obese to slim
  40. Paralysis
  41. Neurotic diseases - sympathetic
  42. Piles and hemorrhoid
  43. Regaining youthfulness
  44. Elderly appearance in youth
  45. Grey hairs in youth
  46. Rheumatic Heart disease
  47. Male impotency fast semen discharge
  48. Cervical and pains of lumbar spondylosis
  49. Stammering
  50. Kidneys, Gall bladder and Urinary bladder stones
  51. Varicose Veins


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